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the beautiful combination of light and darkness

Light is not against Darkness

Proximalight offers you the best interior or exterior lighting solutions

Our passion for lighting, mixed with our technical expertise, has enabled us to develop an incredible portfolio of creative designs; that has successfully satisfied architects, landscapers, and interior designers.

Design & Consultation


Procurement & Customization

We are proud to offer our customers high-end lighting solutions that are simple in design yet excel in functionality. As we oversee the manufacturing process, we guarantee a profound lighting finish, which smoothly integrates components. Our creatively designed products are fully functional and attractive for designers, installers, and end-users.

We also take pride in working together with our clients to create a project specification suited to individual needs, acknowledging that each lighting installation and purpose is unique. We carefully tailor each product to ensure the most efficient outcome is achieved.

Founders’ years of experience in lighting design, supply, and installation of architectural, urban, commercial, and residential projects, has accumulated many total illuminating solutions. Some clients want smooth coordination between trades involved in complex projects. Our clients can rely on our ongoing support in selecting the right product, providing a timely and competitive quote, prompt delivery, installation instructions, and after-sales services.

Turn-Key Projects

Proxima team has designed and implemented interior and exterior lighting projects since the early 1990s.
The combination of Light & Darkness (Natural & artificial)
This is the Proxima Headquarters

Our philosophy

We are an international lighting specialist firm.
Our team consists of electrical/control engineers, energy, and lighting specialists.
We are experts in interior lighting designs that use state-of-the-art sustainable lighting technologies by combining light and shade that affect mood and influence behavior in living or working environments.
In exterior lighting design, we have extensive experience in integrating light, shade, and color to express the functionality of buildings and structures which are distinctive, pleasing to the eye, and in harmony with their environment. Our design team is knowledgeable and confident enough in using existing components or innovate a different variety of light sources to effectively evoke emotion, express characters, and stimulate brand association. Our team’s capability is demonstrated throughout hundreds of challenging interior and exterior lighting projects from design to installation around the globe.
Projects undertaken included lighting for:

Proxima is proudly associated with some of the well-known lighting manufacturers, internationally. Read more about this in the Associates page.


3740 William St, Burnaby, BC V5C 3H7,

Tel +1 778-244-8668

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