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Innovation center

In Proxima, not only we are committed to offering high-quality services and products based on up-to-date scientific and engineering knowledge; but also, we are focused on technical and social innovation to provide value for the lighting community and for Canadians. We are committed to spending a portion of our resources annually on research and development-based activities resulting in short-term or long-term solutions. A portfolio of our current innovation efforts is described here.



Nonvisual effects of light can be as important as its visuals effects

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Disinfection based on Ultraviolet light and photocatalyst technologies can ensure the environment air and surface disinfection without the chemical effects of common disinfection methods. Our team of engineers and biomedical scientists are working together on providing customized solutions, backed up by state-of-the-art scientific research, based on the customer’s needs to ease their mind and ensure a healthy and safe leaving environment.


Farming and Agriculture

Proper lighting can increase the fruition of plants and farm animals, can increase the lifetime and quality of life of exotic animals and pets, and can expedite farming and agricultural processes. In Proxima, we have performed multiple commercialized projects in related fields, validated by scientific background and applied research.

Ultravaiolate - Accelerated Composting

Our scientists have developed a novel process and methodology to increase the throughput and accelerate composting of farming or food waste, significantly. Our technology enables farmers to have their own small composting site with minimal investment and the highest efficiency. It can also reduce the cost of municipal composting by reducing the time needed by the conventional processes and by reducing the odors and space required. Our technology has been developed and tested and is currently in the commercialization phase in Canada.

Light Fidelity (LiFi)

As a novel technology, LiFi has shown promising results to replace WiFi technology when higher speed and more secure data communication is required. In Proxima, our researchers are focused on developing case-based technologies to leverage LiFi communication in applications such as industrial and commercial IoT and smart cities.

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