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Bernard Block

In the spring of 2020, Proxima was hired to design exterior lighting for this multi-purpose complex in downtown Kelowna including a 34 story residential tower and a 17 story office block joined by a 6 story building comprised of commercial units, parking areas, shared amenities, and roof gardens.

The design team’s approach was to borrow from regional and local inspirations, with minimum disturbance to the adjacent blocks.




For the façade lighting, there are some featured focal points, including:

An angled light tube, custom-designed by Proxima lighting, continuing from the parking rooftop to almost 7 feet higher than the office tower which will be installed on the southwest angled setback of this building. As an event lighting feature, the color of light tube could be changed.

The rammed earth wall which creates a gap between two distinguished parts of the south façade up to level 5 will be illuminated by hidden light sources.

The main water feature at the southwest corner, including the flumes and the other water elements as well as the background green wall, will be lit by mixing accent lights and ambiance lights.

The low southeast Cor-Ten corner will be lit with ceiling mount, flush, wall washers so that there will be minimum glare for pedestrians.

The podium façade which is exterior parking will be lit by hidden, asymmetric, wide, linear, colored controlled LED lights.

Bamboo elements on the west and on a portion of the south façade which is called the Nest section will be lit with very narrow beam, tiny projectors radiating a vivid range of light controlled by enhanced DMX system.

The control system will control light intensity and color in Podium, Nest, and Angled tube altogether.

Residential Rooftop level 34

The residential rooftop area is a socializing/pleasure open space area with a pool and Jacuzzi, which takes advantage of the Okanagan lake view.
The concept is highlighting the building for near and far observers in the westward direction, without compromising the advantage of enjoying the view for residents using the rooftop pool and other rooftop amenities. So no light has been directed toward the east, to avoid disturbing the residents. For this purpose and to prevent any unwanted contrast, trespass, or light pollution, we have offered tiny downward lights with the minimum required brightness.
We have also offered tiny points of light underneath the sail/shade canopy to create the look of starlight. Above the canopy we have offered 6 wall-mounted pattern lights to make a subtle texture of light on the top face of this iconic building, to make it visible from a distance. The wooden columns of the canopy have been equipped with column-mounted lights to provide light for the east & the west adjacent areas.

Office block Rooftop level 17

The office rooftop area is a socializing open space area with dining tables covered by sail/shade covers. People in this space can also take advantage of the unique view.
In this area, the main portion of the illumination will be indirectly provided by aiming lights onto the canopies which become large inverse reflecting panels. This will provide a smooth, glare-free, and uniform illuminance. Therefore, lighting-wise, a proper ambiance, and mood is obtained. In addition, the sail/shades are rendered as significant elements which can be observed from a distance.
There are also small fixtures from the same family of lights for supplying the required light level in both adjacent areas.
In this area, the iconic angled light tube is visible from a relatively close distance.

Rooftop Garden level 6 and Dog Run level 5

The level 6th floor rooftop area is a socializing open space like a large yard or park for waking around, playing lawn bowling, barbequing, gathering and dining.
In this mixed-used area, the main objective was supplying enough light for activities and social communications yet creating a cozy and calm ambiance.
An iconic mini pole light was inspired by the architectural form of the building. To meet our goals, we have laid out these designated mini poles to integrate with the landscape lights.
The Façade’s angled tube starts from this level towards level 17th and up. So the tube could be seen from this yard.

In level 5, an area for walking dogs has been considered which has been lit
With a set of flush-mounted pet-friendly, flicker-free LED lights at a relatively low mounting height.

Bernard Block Lighting Concept

May 2020

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