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7 Gate

7 Gate Ventures is an international ventures capital firm based in Vancouver, Canada, and Silicon Valley, USA. The headquarters is in the center of Gastown national historic site in Vancouver. To attract innovative ideas & fresh talents, 7 Gate renovated a large old storage space into a new meeting hall.
The concept of our design was to keep the traditional sense of the space and turn it into a comfortable, attractive, and fresh environment for young and energetic entrepreneurs to meet and exchange their ideas. Our economic, low maintenance, and energy-efficient design was comprised of Hollow Square rectangle LED light modules; which were custom-made and suspended from the ceiling in different heights, effectively hiding the existing mechanical and electrical installations and unpleasant view of the ceiling structure, while transforming the space into an elegant hall by creating different levels of pseudo-ceilings made of light.
Effective space for social communication, fresh mood, compensating for the lack of natural light, also a long life, low maintenance & low energy consumption system was other major design considerations.




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