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Landscape Lighting for Eram Garden

Eram Garden is one of the older and more famous gardens in the Middle East. A jewel in the old Persia, its origin dates back to the eleventh century during Seljuqs’ rule and was improved by later dynasties.
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The landscape lighting design for this garden was done by our team in 2012. The concept of this design focused on bringing back the sense of place and feeling of walking in the garden as if there is still sun shining through the foliage and reanimating the dance of light and shadows on the pavements.
Wherever the evergreen trees permitted, the lighting fixtures were positioned to cast light through the leaves to produce the same effect as the sun. Where this approach was not possible, gobos were designed for lighting fixtures to imitate leaves and foliage so that it would produce the same effect.
The PLDM (Professional Lighting Design Magazine) took notice of the project and published a piece about it in one of its issues. We are very proud of our team for this accomplishment!
“The play of shadows in Eram Garden in Shiraz. In sunlight, shadows serve as a form of natural protection.”




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