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Weathervane sculpture

Riding high among the rooftops in Vancouver is an unusual sight that awaits the casual viewer looking upward from street to sky Copper sculpture made by the artist, Rodney Graham, as the philosopher, Erasmus, seated backwards on a horse reading a book, was illuminated by Proxima just before Christmas 2019.
Since 2008, the year of installing this statue on the roof of Pomaria building in Downtown Vancouver, many more new buildings have been raised. So gradually, the artwork lost its communication with people during day and night.
Proxima was asked to illuminate and highlight this conceptual artwork through professional design. The major concerns were to avoid lighting pollution and lighting trespass for neighboring condos. The units’ residences live in levels above and also below the sculpture. Other concerns were sculpture materials and its rotation by the wind.
Finally, it was lit by outdoor LED floodlights emitting suitable SPD of light to render the shape and material of the weathervane. These fixtures are equipped with special lenses and shields to control the light rays.
Since then, every night it glows to joyfully communicate with visitors and neighbours.




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