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It’s a nuisance to deal with the light source reflection or having the naked light source in your view while working with monitor screens. If you are looking for an elegant and decorative solution to your problem, look no further than our “DarkLans” light fixture.

It’s being supplied by Fenos, our partner in Belgium, and it has been ETL listed and certified recently.

In this state-of-the-art light fixture, the light source is entirely shielded. The light beams through an opening of 8mm in diameter. It produces a uniform light distribution and reduces glare, and gives a new meaning to dark light!

Another product we supply through our partner Fenos is “Roni-WW.” ETL listed and certified, it’s a decorative recessed wall washer light fixture. It could complement any chick space with wall-mounted signs and artworks.

We’ve just done a project with these light fixtures, and you can see the photos below! It’s a renovation project by “Kipp Design+Build.”

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