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Innovative and cost-effective, our waterproof outdoor LED fixtures are both reliable and easy to install. The internal moisture control ensures long-lasting protection from the elements in a compact yet elegant design.


Arezzo, a waterproof linear LED wall washer, features an elegant and humanized design to light up large areas evenly. In addition, the integrated internal moisture control will ensure safe and long-lasting weather protection.


Bitonto waterproof Flood light LED fixtures to provide innovative lighting product solutions that are both reliable and cost-effective. From outdoor to general lighting applications, its smooth illumination feature makes it an ideal lighting solution.


The Molfetta waterproof accent spotlight LED fixture is the perfect choice for your landscape project, featuring a compact design and an easy installation process. Its sufficient heat dissipation system will prolong the fixture’s life to ensure long-term usage.

Vaswa Maxi

> Equipped with advanced high-end options, Vaswa Maxi is an extremely narrow spot projector designed for professional illumination of high vertical elements or creating a spot from a long distance. Luminaire has an IP65 rating which makes it suitable for outdoor applications and lenses are made of PMMA, to be resistant against sunlight.

Vaswa Midi

Vaswa Midi is a compact yet powerful outdoor light projector for façade, garden lighting, and landscape. Its medium distribution feature can also emphasize the shape of tree to create a delightful outdoor atmosphere.

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